Our Commitment

The Independent Doctors of Montana are a Network of independent physicians, providers and healthcare professionals. We own our practices, operate unencumbered and thus are free to join our patients in choosing the best health care options based on their needs.

As Independent providers we strongly believe that patients should enjoy a high level of control over their own medical care, including selecting their physicians and the medical facilities where they will receive that care.

We also believe patients should have choices in treatment decisions shaped by information and knowledge that’s independent of potentially conflicting interests. Additionally, we believe that patients should be informed of the most affordable and efficient options available, as health care costs are often hidden and almost always confusing.

Finally, we believe that informed patients are optimally positioned to make intelligent choices and take charge of their family’s healthcare needs. As independent physicians, providers and healthcare professionals our commitments are to our patients and their personal care. Our goal is to keep our patients healthy and living independently.

Afterall, we work for our patients.


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Office: (406) 590-8680

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Email: info@idomt.com

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Address: 4101 Ella Avenue
Great Falls, MT 59405

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